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Invisalign Braces

Invisalign Braces - Ladera Ranch

The Invisalign system is a series of clear aligners used to straighten teeth.

  • If you desire orthodontic treatment to correct imperfections while being under the radar, then consider Invisalign!
  • A simple consultation with Dr. Gire and Dr. Salmassian will confirm if this clear aligner therapy will be the correct treatment for you.
Invisalign Clear Aligners

How is Invisalign made?

  • The aligners are made using 3D computer imaging technology.
  • Each set is custom made for each patient.

Who can provide this treatment and how do the aligners work?

  • Approximately three-quarters of all orthodontists in the United States and Canada have been certified to treat imperfect teeth alignment with Invisalign.
  • They are trained to use Invisalign in the treatment of poorly aligned teeth, with a proven track record of over three million smiles.
  • Every one to two weeks, a new set of aligners is applied to treat the teeth requiring treatment. You only need to remove these when you clean your teeth, eat, or drink anything other than water.
  • As each new set is applied, your teeth will gradually be adjusted by the change in the aligners. This gradual straightening procedure will continue until your teeth are perfectly aligned!
  • A visit to your orthodontist every six weeks is all that is required to ensure that your treatment plan is progressing as it should.

What are the advantages of using Invisalign?

  • They’re invisible!
  • There are no dietary restrictions while using the aligners as they are easily removed and replaced.
  • You are involved in your own treatment from day one! You are able to view your virtual treatment plan so that you can visualize the finished result!
  • They are easy to clean, comfortable and do not require regular treatments by your orthodontist.

Frequently asked questions about Invisalign:

  1. What exactly is Invisalign?
    Instead of metal brackets, the aligners are made from a clear plastic which you wear over your teeth. They are custom made especially for you using 3D computer imaging technology.
  2. How does it work?
    You will be given a series of aligners, which work slowly but effectively to improve your smile. Each set will be changed every one to two weeks so that ongoing adjustments continue to be made.
  3. How frequently is this form of treatment used?
    There have been more than 3,000,000 people globally who have had their lives, (and smiles!) improved by using Invisalign, and this number increases on a daily basis.
  4. How adaptable will Invisalign be with my way of life?
    The fact that you are able to remove them whenever you need to gives you far more flexibility than any other orthodontic system or braces. You can eat, drink, be merry, and clean your teeth as often as you want!
  5. How long will the treatment last?
    This will depend on the severity of your specific case. You only need to have your teeth checked by your orthodontist every six to eight weeks. The total treatment time will be estimated by your orthodontist, according to the degree of adjustments needed. Appointments at Ladera Orthodontics will be flexible to avoid any interference with your busy schedule.
  6. Will everyone know that I have braces?
    Not unless you tell them! Invisalign aligners are extremely difficult to see.
  7. What are the main advantages of using Invisalign?
  • You can see what the end result will look like, by using virtual technology. It’s cool!
  • They’re invisible! Nobody will see them.
  • Having no metal components also ensures that there is no discomfort or areas that will rub or cause irritation.
  • You can take the aligners out, as often as you need to, as they are easy to insert and remove.
  • This treatment saves time as you do not have to have appointments more often than every six to eight weeks.
invisalign cost

What are the costs of Invisalign?

All orthodontic treatments come with a price tag. What needs to be remembered is that this is an investment in you! Remember that everything you do to improve yourself is money well-spent.

Specific costs are variable and will be affected by:

  • What your dental issues are and how long Drs. Gire and Salmassian estimate it will take to treat those issues.
  • The use of auxiliaries such as TADs, buttons, and elastics.

There are a number of options available that will assist you in paying for this important investment. These include discounts when the treatment is paid in full, and organized payments according to the Flex-Plan prescribed by you and your employer. Major credit cards, payment by check, and cash will be accepted when submitting your payment.

Many Health Benefit Funds also recognize orthodontic treatment. So it is worth contacting your Health Insurance provider to ascertain whether you qualify for reimbursement.

Don’t waste any more time, contact us today to book an appointment to see if Invisalign can help you!!

Straighten Teeth with Clear Teeth Aligners

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