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Opening Hours

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Damon Braces

What are Damon Smile Braces?

  • They are an innovative orthodontic device which uses a slide mechanism rather than the traditional brackets and ties.
  • It is this slide mechanism that holds the arch-wire, instead of accessories like elastic bands.
  • This innovative mechanism moves with the teeth by reducing the tension that is placed on them and results in increased comfort and mobility of the teeth while in place.
  • Using this device will achieve a perfect smile easily and much faster!
Damon Braces - Ladera Ranch, Orange County CA

Why is the Damon Smile so different compared to other braces or systems?

  • This system uses a brand-new approach to orthodontic treatments.
  • Instead of traditional elastic bands to guide the teeth into an improved position, Damon Smile uses an innovative slide mechanism (door) to hold the wires to the brackets.
  • This negates the need for “tightening” the orthodontic brace, as was done traditionally.
  • The slider or door helps to limit the pressure applied directly to the tooth, which results in faster treatment with fewer adjustments needed.
  • Damon Smile uses light-weight copper nickel titanium wires to deliver a gentle degree of low-friction force to avoid any discomfort. These wires also have a “shape-memory” and are easy to place.
  • Damon Smile provides a kinder alternative to conventional braces, as it adapts to the natural movement of the tooth thereby decreasing the amount of discomfort felt.
  • The period of required treatment will depend on the individual, however, in the majority of cases, this is noticeably shorter than using a traditional method.
  • Appointments are not required as frequently, thereby making this system the optimal choice!

Damon Smile for Adults

Using Damon Smile will expose you to a whole new treatment philosophy!

Dr. Gire and Dr. Salmassian will treat each patient as an individual. With the implementation of technology (digital x-rays, photos, traced lateral cephalometric film, and digital intraoral scan) they will assess your individual physical traits such as your dental profile, and examine how your appearance will change as you get older. As a result, you will achieve a beautiful smile as well as a younger appearance.

Damon Braces For Adults

Specific positive effects will be:

  • An improved balance of facial features, particularly cheek contours that look fuller and more esthetic.
  • A smile that looks wider and more welcoming.
  • A balanced profile.
  • Straighter teeth that are no longer crowded or unsightly.
  • Reduced darkened areas at the corners of your mouth (dark buccal corridors).

Damon Smile – Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Damon Braces Work?

How does it work?

  • This process is not just about straightening your teeth. It provides facial balance which will frame that beautiful smile. The key is a frictionless environment to allow arch development. This system promotes big, broad, full smiles.

What are the advantages of Damon Smile?

  • Patients experience far less discomfort as a result of the low-force, low-friction mechanism.
  • This system is also less obvious and obtrusive than traditional braces, making it far less obvious and much more discreet.

Who can use Damon Smile?

  • Damon Smile is very popular with children and adults – everyone should be proud of their smile!
  • Optimal results can be achieved in a short period of time and with minimal inconvenience.

Is Damon Smile safe?

  • Just because Damon Smile works quickly doesn’t mean any short-cuts are being taken.
  • The use of low-friction force allows Dr. Gire and Dr. Salmassian to promote the smile arc protection (SAP) protocol. This involves placing the braces a certain way to greatly improve facial features.
  • Damon Smile uses very gentle, light forces to ensure a comfortable yet efficient experience.

How long will it take to achieve that full smile?

  • While every case is different, it has been demonstrated through numerous studies that Damon Smile works faster and more efficiently compared to traditional braces.
  • The reduced number of appointments required also makes this a far more convenient option.

Damon® Smile Costs

Damon Braces Cost Orange County CA

Is Damon Smile expensive?

  • Cost is a key factor that prevents many people from seeking out orthodontic treatment.
  • During your initial appointment, these costs will be calculated according to the extent of the treatment that is required.
  • Generally, Damon Smile braces are priced very similarly to traditional braces.
  • Factors that may impact the overall cost of treatment include the difficulty of the proposed treatment, the complexity of the treatment plan, and the amount of insurance coverage to offset the out-of-pocket expenses.

What does a Damon Smile Cost?

  • No-one should put a price on a beautiful smile!! The personal investment that you make in YOU will always be worth the money that you spend.
  • A great smile can boost your self-esteem and confidence, and give you a far more positive outlook.
  • Damon Smile braces usually have similar coverage by insurance providers as those of traditional braces.
  • Additionally, once your treatment plan is developed at your initial consultation, specific payment options will be discussed with you.
  • Options include credit cards, monthly debits from your checking/savings account, or interest-free financing.

Am I able to claim Damon Smile treatments?

  • This will depend on your specific health insurance provider policy because many of them cover the cost of orthodontic treatments including Damon Smile.
  • Every insurance provider offers different coverages; therefore, you will need to check your specific dental insurance policy and coverage with your provider.